Anyone who knows me that I am passionate about my craft and jump at any opportunities to share my experience with the web design community at large. As such, I've had the privilege of being invited to speak at a number of related conferences and meet-ups.

Talks I've given

Content Construction with Zoo

Content Construction Kits are made up of two principles. The first is the ability to create custom content types, made up of different custom fields that you define. The second is how that content is displayed on your site. The latter is done by creating content templates and can be used to construct literally any layout you want. The only limitation is your creativity. In this talk, Chris gives you an overview of Zoo's features, explain the steps needed to start creating your own custom content types, as well as share a couple tricks he's learnt along the way.

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Introduction to Morph

Morph is a rapid template development framework for Joomla! that provides site builders & developers with the tools they need to easily build their own and client websites with Joomla! In this talk, Chris (one of the creators of Morph) will demonstrate the process of setting up a new Morph powered site, then move on to showing you how to create your own themelets (aka child themes) for Morph and outline the new direction of project.

Rapid Template Development with Morph - Part 1

Chris Rault, Partner of ProThemer.com (and JoomlaJunkie.com), will present strategic and systematic coding principles to help 3PDs to code in such a way that not only encourages theme developers to theme their products, but to do so in a way that is semantic and highly user-friendly.

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Rapid Template Development with Morph - Part 2

Chris Rault will continue beyond the introductory phase, to advanced rapid template development. "From Code to Completion" is an interactive real-time demonstration presented by Chris, showing how a template goes from "napkin" sketch to code; then, from code into a full-blown working Joomla template.

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Events I've spoken at

Joomla! Day South Africa

Joomla! Day Malaysia

Joomla! Day South Africa

CMS Expo

Topics I enjoy talking about

Beans framework for WordPress

The Beans framework is quickly gaining popularity among WordPress developers and themers, thanks to it's focus on performace and extendibility.

WordPress theme development with Beans

Tips about my development workflow using the Beans framework.

Performance optimisation

My top tips for a fast performing WordPress website.


How to build a professional brand with little or no budget.